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For a future reference to new fanatics i had to learn the hard way because i put 10k SUPER COEWL BLEU LIGHTS and burnt my Light Control Module. was seriously expensive at the dealer 800$ plus tax to replace and recode how ever thanks to Krystian (local Fanatic) i bought mine off him and because this was a used LCM now i have a Temper dot which is on because your LCM stores Mileage and and the Cluster and ECU and if they dont match you will get the DOT(personally doesn't bother me), so next time thinking about putting SUM KEWL SUPER BRIGHT LIGHTZ YO think twice or it will cost you allot more
Best option is to read the thread and follow OE specs and dont Fvck with the Lighting or even the electronics for that matter my mistake is your lesson take it or leave it but i wish i read the thread before
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