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So I've been given a time frame of 2-3 weeks from now until I can go back and start lifting again as if I am just starting. Doc said absolutely nothing heavy, low weight HIGH reps for about 2 weeks before I start building again. This is so depressing... it was a lifestyle for me going to the gym 6 days a week and feeling so healthy and strong

I went to the gym tonight to help spot my workout partner, and I hopped in the bench and just lifted the bar off to see where I'm at, and my shoulder was perfect, but my wrist on the same arm as my injury was SO painful... I couldn't even believe it. It was honestly an 8/10 pain scale trying to support the bar bell without any weight on it. My right wrist was fine as always, but my left literally could not support the bb. I have absolutely no idea wtf is going on because prior to tonight I have never had a weak wrist, or any injury, I didn't bang it or jam it or anything in recent memory. Is it possible that after only 3 weeks out of the gym it has lost its strength to support even just the barbell? I'm a medical mystery I just don't get it. But I was happy to feel that my shoulder wasn't in any pain with just the bar.
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