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Originally Posted by AlexD330 View Post
Yeah I may have written it off a little prematurely. I will snag another sometime and give it another go. I know Fuentes' are a great line and I have had one before that was great so this could've been just a bad stick. Seemed to get really tight and hard to get a good drag out of it. It's possible the bar's humidor was not storing the cigars in proper conditions.

A little brash, I know, I just wish it would've been a better experience. I will get another and give it another go! Haha, why the hell not!
I posted in here a while ago the same Fuente. I don't think it was a bad stick or improper humidification--mine was the same. The flavor was excellent but it was tough to draw and didn't produce much smoke at all. I still have 4 more, they seem to be the same just from looking.
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