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Originally Posted by daedalus34r View Post
I don't really understand that. I buy in bulk to reduce my shooting costs.

I bought Aguila 9mm for $10/box of 50
every range i've been to in the chicagoland area charges no less than $16+/box.
Now i've seen Aguila at $12/box, still much better than any local range.

the discrepancy will only be worse in this post-sandyhook panic buying era.
To each their own.

The idea is that you are constantly gathering more than you shoot without making major purchases. I have nothing against ordering 1000 rounds at a time, but if you always buy more than you shoot, you will never be short.

In addition, you build relationships. Maybe your ranges are different. Here the ranges are also gun stores.
Paying $2-$4 per box extra for ammo in your hands each type you shoot can help you down the road when you need a favor or want a good deal on a gun. I am not talking about buying 50 boxes of ammo at $4 extra per box. I am talking about buying 4 boxes when you are going to shoot 2 or 3.

It is just my opinion.
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