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You will have blown shocks or/and struts for sure. H&R race will blow them even sooner.

Based on what i have researched back in 2008, lowering springs normally shorten the lifespan of the struts and shocks by around 50%-70%.

So lets say a set new stock shocks last 80k miles under normal usage (no tracking, autoX, off road). Then with lowering springs you are looking for about 30-40k miles if you are lucky.

So...If you have the shock/strut for 50k miles, expect them to be blown within 10k miles or even less after installation.

If you just want the looks and want to just have everything right with one shot, I recommend the Koni "orange" struts and shocks. They are fairly cheap, and claimed to be able to support lowering springs without issues.

They should settle within 2-4 weeks if they were new.

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