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Sorry, but bolting M3 parts to a 3 series does not get you an M3, no matter what you would like to believe, there is much more to it than that, but this is not the point.

Try to read this part real slow so that you can understand why people are disapointed:

The problem with this thread (don't get me wrong the build is cool) is that everyone was under the impression the OP took a 2 wheel drive M3 and added all wheel drive to it. When in reality he started with an all wheel drive and is adding M3 parts.

Cool build and I bet it will be fast as fvck when it is done but....I, like many people have been following this thread waiting to see an M3 gutted and all wheel drive parts install.

As much as I do not like 4 door e46 cars, I will be following this build to see where it goes, but I think the title is mis-leading.

Originally Posted by silyb0y View Post

What difference does it make? If he had used an M3 Chasis he would have pulled most of the parts anyway. Then again - he has the M3 rear and an M3 motor - thus making it a custom "M3 sedan". How do you suggest we call it? "318 sedan prefacelift M3 parts, M3 motor, awd custom car"?

Besides - there are people who have turned their sedans into M3s. Its not as big a deal as you think. They simply pulled everything from an M3 (front, rear, suspension, brakes, stearing, gearbox, differential, engine (and what not) from an original M3 and bolted those parts onto a modified sedan chasis.

They have even manufactured their own chasis parts (fenders and so on) to give their sedan the same look and wheel clearance an M3 has. Original M3 bumpers, mirros, speedo. No one has a problem if these guys call their ride an M3 sedan...

Besides - I dont know about you guys but I wouldnt repaint my engine room if I was still working on everything. I would finish the job - THEN pull everything apart and paint it!

I asume you didnt really spend 50 grand on your engine. I asume that is what it would cost if I would have you build that engine. The way I understand it you do it all by yourself - for yourself It would be great if you could post more detailed pictures (AWD parts).

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