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Originally Posted by david05111 View Post
They shouldn't get care, period, if they can't afford it. The rest of us are paying for them because a) they can't afford it and b) because they don't get health insurance or cant afford that.

Look, I don't want to be a total hardass and I understand that some wage earners can't afford it at all. But I will be a hard ass...tough sh1t. Either a) change your lifestyle to be more healthy and make personal sacrifices (like not drinking soda or becoming obese in some other more feasible way) or b) cut something else out of your life to help pay for it.

If you show up to a hospital without insurance or without money, unless its immediately life-threatening, you get no treatment at all.

Its ridiculous that we've come to a point where people think that other people should carry everyone else along at their expense. This is NOT a ideal world where everyone loves each other and the spirit of humanity drives us, along with a desire to better ourselves and our own comprehension of our existence. The world runs on money and the reason we're in alot of the **** we're in at the moment is because people took what they couldn't afford and fvcked it up. That includes the banks/credit companies who were too willing to give the money out to people who didn't deserve it and couldn't pay it back.

The solution that has been suggested is universal care, where the more well-off are assumed to be able to carry everyone else. Classic re-distribution of assets and a skewed view of asset/wealth management of the well-off. And then as a result of this, the government decides what citizens can eat and drink because the system exists. The country has lost its fvcking mind.

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