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Originally Posted by dreamdrivedrift View Post
I get your viewpoint and share similar principles. However using that mindset, why should we bother treating people without insurance or money to pay for it, even if it is life-threatening?
Originally Posted by david05111 View Post
I'm not a cold-hearted bastard. I believe in the value of human life and no amount of money is worth losing a life over. Those with immediate life-threatening injuries require immediate intervention without bias, regardless of their financial status.

I feel that others have time to make provisions to pay for the treatment they receive before they receive it. If they can't, no treatment. If I need gas for my car, or groceries, I can't go the store or station and pick it up without cash or some other way to pay it. i hold the same principle to health care.

Its about financial responsibility. People rack up too much debt, which they pass off to the creditor in bankruptcy, etc. Those who provide services don't get paid because someone contracts for a service or product they can't afford. And to me, that's ridiculous.
This. People CHOSE to work for companies (Wal-Mart) that offer sub-par health insurance (if any at all). There are various other employers that those employees can CHOSE to go and work for in order to gain insurance. The difference is that Wal-Mart wins over these employees with a slightly higher paycheck... when you CHOSE to work for Wal-Mart for the higher "take home pay", you RUN THE RISK of getting sick and being in a tight spot. If you then CHOSE to forgo health insurance so you can pay off credit cards, buy tvs, or whatever... well than you have to deal with the REPERCUSSIONS of those RISKS.

I just will never understand the viewpoint that says we need to forgive people of their CHOICES in this world... it's like student loans and the nonsense surrounding them. People CHOSE to take loans to go to expensive private institutions rather than cheaper state schools... If you made this CHOICE, you have to accept the reality of those loans. For Obama to stand up and claim that we should forgive them, well it's just asinine and directly opposed to the founding principle of INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY.

Originally Posted by dreamdrivedrift View Post
I get where you're coming from, I do. But if you want to pay for interventional treatment, that costs a hell of a lot more than it would have been to control their diabetes or reduce their hypertension. I agree with you by principle, but from a financial/utilitarian perspective, it makes more sense to cover preventative treatment than it does to wait until it escalates and becomes life-threatening where drastic and expensive measures have to be taken to save somebody's life.
But let's be real.... even if you offered "free preventative maintenance", how many people would utilize it? We offer free condoms (and even abortions) and look at all the unwanted kids brought into this world by parents who then expect the government to cover the costs incurred. PEOPLE ARE IRRESPONSIBLE. It's THAT simple. And we can't continue to foster a world in which that ignorance is accepted, protected, encouraged, and paid for at the expense of those who are responsible.

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