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Originally Posted by bimmerfan08 View Post
Chase logic is not applicable in most people's decisions.
And that is the reality that people FAIL to comprehend. They look at a situation like this and they sympathize with those who don't have coverage... BUT THEY CHOSE TO IGNORE THAT.

Do you (the general public) feel bad for those who win the Darwin awards? Do you feel bad for someone who plays an extreme sport and gets injured (or dies)? Do you feel bad when an extreme skateboarder cracks his head?

Sure... I do feel for those people. Must SUCK big time. But they CHOSE to do those things and must ACCEPT THE CONSEQUENCES of their realities. When someone CHOOSES to work for an employer who does not offer healthcare, they accept the responsibility themselves. If they then CHOSE to not purchase healthcare on their own, they CHOSE to accept the bills that face them down the road in the hospital. And yet, we're supposed to FEEL bad for these individuals and based on that FEELING, we are supposed to LOGICALLY enact legislation that covers them.

And that is my problem with so much of the current administration (and those of their mindset). Basing legislation (which should be logical) on emotions...

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