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Originally Posted by summit56 View Post
I was thinking it was an AWD e46 COUPE project, not sedan. None the less this is badass. This car would be awesome to have here in Alaska where there are lots of evos and wrx/sti's running around.
Originally Posted by Twin_Turbo_S54 View Post
Technically an E46 coupe can not be converted into an E46 AWD coupe.

I have checked as many ways as possible and the only way is a sedan awd e46 m3.

If this Project Works I will get a E92 coupe AWD and swap the E46 AWD into this E92 coupe. Plans are on the shelf waitig.
Man, all this bickering in the thread, all over misunderstandings.

No one is denying your build is awesome, just that when entering the thread expected to see an e46 M3 COUPE with custom AWD as the thread title suggests. I guess adding the word 'sedan' to the title would have cleared up confusion. Again, awesome project.
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