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Recommend replacing front and rear upper mounts "while in there" for sure. i got lucky and a car was traded in at the dealership i was at at the time with those turner caps, a full stud kit and 7.5mm spacers on it that had to be removed before sale. With the 7.5's on the front there is maybe 3mm of space between the tire and spring, so 7.5mm spacers are required (depending on your tire width as well i suppose, im running stock 225s). Installation is to be expected like any other, really wish I'd waited and had the Rogue RSM's only so if I decide to pull the coils and go back to stock I dont have to destroy the rear of the car to get it all out. But thus is the life of a touring owner.

I have ZSP on my car so the ride was....firm to begin with. the streetedge system is firm but more on the err of "sporty". Ive owned two other cars (e30 and e36) with billie sports and hr race that ride a lot more harsh than these coils do. my only current gripe is i have a rattle in the front left when hitting bumps. also i get spring "pop" from time to time when turning at slow speed. i need to go through this thread and see what people have done if they have ran into this issue. I had the top strut mount over tightened and when loosening it up a turn or so got rid of most of the spring pop but it comes and goes still from time to time. the clunk over bumps is pretty consistent though but i don't believe this to be the kits fault, just install error. a install sheet with torque values would come in handy for those of us without a service/shop manual.

whats next...i just ordered 10mm and 12mm spacers for the front and rear respectively. id like to turn the rears down another 1/2 to 3/4" and the fronts a full inch maybe 1.25 and see how that sits.
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