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Originally Posted by entrax View Post
successfully replaced my water pump/radiator/fan/shroud/thermostat using the parts/advice on this thread. thanks for the help (and saved me $750 by being able to do it myself!) THANKS!

just from my experience: don't bother trying to use random tools to take out the fan. either use the proper fan removal tool or at least a thin 32mm wrench. i was able to get one for $12 from a bike shop (they sold me one of their old ones) and use a screwdriver to keep the pulley steady; it took me 5 min vs. the 1 hour i tried with all the other tools in my garage. i also took the time to wire brush off some rust on the nut and put anti-seize compound on the threads.
Congrats and welcome.

With an adjustable wrench and a screwdriver, I've released fans in 5-10 seconds. I've done it for a few members here. nice to have the "right" tool but isn't necessary if you're in a bind.
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