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Are you trying to compare RWD with snows to AWD with no snows?

If you want RWD, you will be fine if you get a good snow tire. I have Blizzacks, and I have made it up plenty of steep hills, I've made it down without locking up the brakes, and I have had a fair share of good "saves" with turns. With that being said, braking in the snow will be better with snow tires, and same with turning (until you start comparing the AWD advantage of being able to power out of a spin and straighten out better than a RWD car would if it started going sideways)

Bottom line, you should always be careful while driving in the snow. You will not get stuck in a parking spot, you will not get stranded on a hill, and you will be able to safely brake hard/swerve out of the way in case of an emergency, at least safer than if you were with all seasons.
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