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Originally Posted by Twin_Turbo_S54 View Post
Adam,yes I will get the raer panels cut and then fabricate larger arches and get them welded.

This is a special poject which was never done before.
This is a very heavy Project which is not just swapping a S54 engine onto a sedan. It does entail many many processed.

If it will work, it will be darn fast.

If you dont like it go away and stop spoiling my thread.

very funny, are you on E85? you must be high to make this low level of jokes

Saad, I am receiving mails on supraforums about you. People over there want you to go back to supraforums. They admit that thay missed you and your fighter atttitude. Supra community is nothing without saad

saad, you tried to underline the difference between you and me.
Now I give you our difference.

You came on board 2012 to make Money out of BMW World.
I ve been modifying my own bmws since 1996 as a hobby and its a passion for me. I dont do it for Money and I dont try to make my life out of BMW customers.

One day you will go away but I will keep on building my own Bmws. Till that day enjoy your days and try to make Money. I think you will loose customers with this aggressive and fighter attitude.

Note: you still could not explain why pro efi did not work on m roadster. I***305; think cause you ran it as a piggyback.
This statement isn't entirely true. You at one time were using this "hobby" to try and make extra money. You were selling turbo kits for these cars at one time many moon ago!!!!
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