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Originally Posted by Mike Larry View Post
have any of you guys ever had shark's fin soup or sea cucumber btw? both asian delicacies that are expensive and taste like absolutely nothing. the broth/sauce that it's traditionally cooked in tastes pretty good, but the actual ingredients themselves dont taste like anything. you could literally take the ingredient out and the dish would taste the same
Sea cucumber is disgusting. Shark fin soup is crap as well. Broth with barely any flavor (90% salt), shark meat is inedible (has the same texture as chewing on a timberland), its expensive and cruel for no reason whatsoever. At least fois gras is worth it, and it isn't NEARLY as cruel, not to mention, the entire duck gets eaten. I also tried birds nest soup, and thats a crock of crap as well. Salty broth with a mild almost mushroomy aroma....waste of money. Try it once, and forget about it.
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