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Originally Posted by eweis View Post
Ok, here's my update from a few posts above.

I went ahead and did the transmission fluid and filter change. That didn't help. I was getting the triangle and exclamation point symbol and I led myself into thinking that it was transmission related because it had just puked a bunch of transmission fluid and the transmission wasn't engaging so I thought it was going into limp mode. But, here's what the deal was.

The other symbol similar to this, the gear symbol with the exclamation point, is actually for transmission specific problems while the triangle version I was getting is for the ASC (automatic stability control). Since there was snow, the wheels spun which must have tripped the ABS/speed sensors. I reset the car by leaving the battery unplugged for a while and pulled each of the rear speed sensors and cleaned them --pretty dirty. So, I think it was stuck in that mode because they were dirty or that system needed to be reset. Once I did those two things, I started it and it went through the gears and drove just fine whereas previously, it wouldn't engage. I assumed it was the transmission slipping/failing but it was really just the ABS system kicking in and not allowing the transmission to engage.

Thankfully, it wasn't my transmission. Hope this helps someone else.
So after cleaning all is well? AWESOME!!
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