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Originally Posted by NFRs2000nyc View Post
Sea cucumber is disgusting. Shark fin soup is crap as well. Broth with barely any flavor (90% salt), shark meat is inedible (has the same texture as chewing on a timberland), its expensive and cruel for no reason whatsoever. At least fois gras is worth it, and it isn't NEARLY as cruel, not to mention, the entire duck gets eaten. I also tried birds nest soup, and thats a crock of crap as well. Salty broth with a mild almost mushroomy aroma....waste of money. Try it once, and forget about it.
i've had bird's nest soup and i thought it was pretty good, although once again, i'm not sure it was the actual "bird's nest" that made it taste good.

agree on the shark meat though; one of the worst pieces of fish i've ever had
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