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Originally Posted by cyberkaa View Post
Latest updates...

Three weekends ago, I took care of some more maintenance on Rick's car:

-Started off with the fuel filter and replaced the soft hose sections which were starting to dry rot
-Changed the spark plugs
-Replaced the automatic radiator with a manual version (left over from the 5spd swap) and bled the cooling system

-Next day, changed the coolant temperature sensor in the lower radiator hose since it was leaking. I've seen many cars with the exact same problem this winter season.
-Replaced the power steering pump and the high pressure hose. The hose was leaking and the pump had been damaged. Refilled and bled the system.

Two weekends ago:
-Replaced leaking power steering hoses from the reservoir and o-rings on an E39.
-Also spent some time diagnosing a cold idle dip on that car.
Later that day:
-Changed the oil on Rick's car
-Changed the diff oil
-Replaced the two lower main bolts that hold the transmission on

Last week:
-Reflashed an E90 335i with Alpina transmission software. What a difference!
-Worked on Derek's subframe to prep for the M3 LSD swap

Last weekend, finished up Rick's car:
-Lubricated the throttle cable
-Installed some PIAA horns with a very nice sound. (OEM horns were missing.)
-Removed the gauge rings from the instrument cluster
Also worked on that race couch above.

This week:
-Flashed an E92 335i with the Alpina transmission software. It's really gaining popularity.
-Worked some more on Derek's M3 LSD swap. Got the brakes off and removed the e-brake cables since we'll be reusing his 330 ones which are in better shape.

Oh and Nathan (wh33lhop) has been over quite a bit trying to get his Metric Mechanic LSD and rear wheel bearings sorted so we've spent some time under his car, too. Haha.

Dru (DrusC5s) also dropped by:

Pics courtesy of Kyle (323ci newbie)!
That's me!
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