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Originally Posted by mrmaico View Post
I was reading on another forum where someone mentioned that he read that PASoft has the ability to adjust the temps on our heated seats. He said his get too hot and he wanted to turn his down, I have just the opposite problem, I'd like to be able to turn the 3 temp settings higher. Right now they just get warm but never get to the point where you'd need to turn them down from the highest setting.

Anyone have any info on this? Any idea where I would even find those options and how to go about making the change?

Here's his post......


Originally Posted by Gasturbine View Post
I wouldn't think this would be an "adjustable" parameter because of liability. And if it is, I would assume you could only go down. Making the seats hotter (regardless of how its done) will result in a higher amp draw which could result in electrical wire damage and even fire.
Sure it's doable. TerraPhantm seems to have increased his heated seat temps by 10degrees, and he seems to be the bees knees when it comes to coding from what I gather.

Here is his thread.

I guess the parameters are in the SZM - switching center module
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