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You know, this might be a pretty good solution for a car that is iffy, or a temporary fix until I had time. I still think that if it was something long term, I'd go for the long term fix. I'm probably a bit of a purist in that I want my vehicle to look factory underneath, and I would also have the worry of that long seam letting go.

I recently ended up replacing the whole shaft on the drivers side, as the inner joint dried out and wore until it shook. My fault, as I didn't check the inner joint for grease when I did the outer one. It wasn't leaking, so I assumed it was good.

Another fun day of figuring out how to do a proper repair without proper tools. I ended up cutting an aluminum circle, drilling holes where the lug nuts are, and putting a bolt in the middle. I used this to push the outboard shaft out of the splines.

That inner joint is hard to get at. I ended up making a sort of a push pull hammer to pop the inner shaft out of the gearbox. In essence, I used three all thread rods, about 3" long each, that were spaced as wide as the outside of the inner joint housing. Then I used a three foot piece of all thread from the center to create the slide hammer. I slid this on to the joint and tightened it down with a couple of band clamps. My thought was that the threads would bite into the sides and give some grip, and it worked well. Took longer to make the tools than it did to do the repair, but it's nice and clean with no scars, and I don't feel like I could have possibly messed anything else up.

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