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I told my chinese friend i would like to try durian sometime. then he calls me up one night and says i have a surprise for you and comes over to my house. he had bought a durian when he was in chicago at an asian market.

good god it smelled like ****! like rotting onions is the best way i can describe it. holy hell it was so rank. the taste is not worth the stench. he was eating it by the handful. i took a few small bites while holding my nose. it's just not pleasant at all!
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I always have to laugh when I see a thread described as "Not Work Safe." Is there anything on the OT forum that's really "work safe"? If I were your boss, I'd be mad if you spent any time on this forum at work at all. How is a picture of a naked girl any less work safe than, say, a picture of a matador getting gored in the *** by an angry bull? - VaderDave
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