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Originally Posted by 217Bimmer View Post
who cares about turnover when you pay your employees less than half of a competitor?

i don't give a fvck who works where. it's an investment. as long as it makes ME MONEY, IDGAF!!!
Which is fine were it all about you. However, the "me's" who are actually making money and thriving, economically, is becoming an ever smaller, and smaller sector of the American population.

Given that this is a democracy, and that the portion who are not thriving economically is becoming a huge majority of the electorate, perhaps you might want to GAF if only for your own self-interest in terms of a stable society and thriving overall consumer economy. Otherwise, this large majority will vote in terms of their interests, as is right and appropriate in our democracy, and if their interests and yours have evolved to be irreconcilable, it will be yours that will suffer.
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