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So I'm at about 3 weeks into recovery right now from day 1 of the injury, and I got to say that I'm seeing a lot of improvement. Daily activities like taking off a coat, opening doors with my left arm, picking up the backpack on that arm, flipping dump trucks etc is not hurting me anymore!

My PT estimates that I have about 1 more week of NSAIDs and ice before I can start lifting very light weight and extremely high reps. I actually went swimming last night, and it felt great! Did about 300-400 yards freestyle and some breast stroke just to try to put some resistance on my shoulder. I had some slight discomfort late last night and most of today from the swimming, so I'm gonna probably give it another full week of nothing and see where I'm at next Thursday / weekend region. Hoping I can get back into it not this Monday coming but next.
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