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Originally Posted by Act of God View Post
It matters to me because it is constantly pushed in my face, and I am sick of the double standard. You can choose to ignore things and hope they go away, but that will not happen. You can say screw Sharpton and Co., but until they are taken to task with hard figures and statistics they will not go away. In fact, by dismissing them you are basically giving them a free pass to continue this nonsense.


So now explain to me how white-on-black crime is a story but the reverse is to be hidden or ignored?

You want a colorless society? Then stop people from making everything about color.
Your last comment cannot be serious? You're perpetuating just as Jackson and Sharpton! I'm ok with you for the most part, you just race bait more than anyone on the fanatics... It's actually pretty sad!

"If you want to move past racism, you have to STOP LABELING EVERYTHING BY RACE / 2000_328CI"
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