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Originally Posted by NFRs2000nyc View Post
No dice. The Zimmerman case blew up SOLELY because it was a "white" on black crime. If it was a black on white or a black on black crime, no one would even hear about it. Race is a very big deal, as far as the media goes, and it only goes one way...turn events in a racewar. I'd love to see the people react to the KKK putting a bounty on the heads of these 12 and see if Holder doesn't throw them all in prison (the KKK.) What happened to the Black panthers when they put a price on Zimmerman's head?
Do me a favor man... Look on Google and type in White on Black crime and tell me what the media is reporting on... I'll be waiting

"If you want to move past racism, you have to STOP LABELING EVERYTHING BY RACE / 2000_328CI"
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