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Originally Posted by Swish View Post
I already said I rarely see these kinds of things, white or black, and I watch the news, read news regularly. Not to mention, I've already pointed out how I feel about the criminals that did this (they are animals and belong locked under the jail)! Do I think things get covered more because of race, no! Do I think certain incidents get brought to light due to circumstance, yes! I guess it's in the eye of the person viewing it. At the end of the day, all that matters is that the people commuting these crimes go to prison... And we know plenty of blacks are in prison, as you so eloquently like to point out every opportunity you get! So in the end, who really cares about the media attention, except for a guy that feels the "white mane burden".
This is an incredibly dishonest dodge, but I didn't expect you to actually fess up to the double-standard that everyone knows exists. 85-15 buddy, 85-15.

Come on dude!

Edit: swish, this is also important to discuss because ignorant folks like ghorn actually scoffed at the mere idea that white on black violent crime is rare. He acted like it was a wholly delusional statement. He's brainwashed by the race baiters and the media to think that white people regularly target blacks for violence. It simply is not true no matter how hard people push the false narrative.
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