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I chose to run a jumper wire from just past the CVM to just past the last bend in the top nearest the windshield. I randomly started with wire 13 and low and behold, it worked! This meant wire 13 was broken. Not wanting to run a wire the full length of the harness, I tried removing a 6" section of wire 13 at the last bend in the top near the windshield (where most people's convertible top harness's break), but it didn't work. This meant that my wire 13 had broken somewhere else. When trying to put the top up, it would stop just after the top would start to come out of the trunk. So, I figured the break was near the trunk - impossible for me to splice at that location, just too tight and dark.

I ended up running a new wire from the last bend in the top nearest the windshield, all the way along the harness, and splice it back into wire 13 just a couple inches past the CVM. The challenge was running the wire without it getting in the way of the top's operation. In the C-pillar, behind the dog flaps, the harness disappears into the hinge. I couldn't run my wire exactly the same as the harness because of this. Once I got to the hinge, I had to run it a different route for a few inches and ultimately back to the harness and then into the rear seat. My concern was the new wire getting in the way of the top's operation. Since the final stage of the top going into the trunk doesn't allow for a good view of what's going on, I made extra sure to tape the wire down so it wouldn't get in the way.

Time will tell how long the wire holds up. I really hope it doesn't get snagged, ripped, or in the way somehow. On the bright side, I now know how to fix it! All in all, I'm delighted that I fixed the problem and my top works again, but perhaps more rewarding is the fact that I finally figured out what the problem was.

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