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im a few days late to read the thread but oh well. ha

Originally Posted by Fisch330ciTopasBlau View Post
i've had fresh crab cakes caught and made myself, I'll stick with my statement that cooking intensifies the flavor, and that flavor is fishy compared to like I said, the majority of sushi.
Did you use fresh blue crabs? I cook thousands and thousands of crabs a week, blue crabs that are good(ie not rotten or dead when steamed) are extremely far from tasting fishy. Crabmeat is sweet tasting and delicious..not fishy at all IMO. I don't consider Blue crabs to be fishy at all and if they are something is wrong and not good. You could be talking about a different crab species though and then you might be right, but then it wouldn't be a good crab cake either

Originally Posted by SurreyF1 View Post

You can't argue oysters with me. I am prepared to die fighting for my passion for oysters
Originally Posted by NFRs2000nyc View Post
Blah blah eat runny boogers. All kidding aside, more power to you brother. I tried to like them MANY times, just couldn't do it, but Im kind of glad though, they are expensive, so I can at least save some money SOMEWHERE.
haha oysters are awesome but not expensive IMO. Blue Points are great, they are probably my most popular oyster i sell and most expensive(.65cents an oyster). I love oysters, but they are definitely a love/hate relationship.. Raw Oysters, Oyster Stew and a few fried select oysters on top of a nice rib eye with Gorgonzola cheese is amazing
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