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Originally Posted by j@fer87nyc View Post
Wow that's bad...
This is a really sad thread I started, I'm regretting it. I gotta look at my car like that every time I open this thread.
I look at this as a positive. We all walked away from the accident. One the reason I wanted a bimmer was the safety features. Unfortunately some of us had to see it in action.

Originally Posted by latino1ny View Post
Did the airbags deploy? If so good luck fixing it..... but if they didn't deploy, after an impact like that, I'd question our car's safety system What's the back story on this? How fast were you going and how much did you have to drink?
My mechanic told me these cars are very high tech. It will determine if the airbags need to deploy with certain factors. but lol @ your joke

Originally Posted by Tonk View Post
Luckily I haven't been in any bad accidents like that, but here are a few pics of my mom's first Z3 about 13 years ago. An older woman in a Ford Taurus passed out at the wheel and hit my mom head on. Combined speeds between the two cars was around 55 mph. My mom had a seltbelt bruise on her chest, and that was it. She had the car for six weeks, and it was a fight to get it totaled but insurance finally did because there was frame damage. She raplaced it with a light blue one.

That what I'm going though right now. The pain in the chest area. And to top it off I can't even workout. So I just sit The insurance company totaled mine before even looking at it.

Here is my Before and after photo.


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