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Originally Posted by Reedo302 View Post
Before you're 100% set on the M1A, would you mind sharing the following info?
-Why an M1A?
Looking for a rifle in .308 and dont really want to deal with another ar
-Why the Scout model specifically?
still get plenty of accuracy out of the 18" barrel without having to sacrifice maneuverability
-What do you want to do with it?
Just some range time. for now anyways
-What are your expectations of the rifle for reliability, durability and accuracy?
Buddy carried one (m14/21) in Afghanistan and said it was pretty damn reliable. I'd expect one for my use to be more than capable
-Do you have any previous experience with the M1A platform? If so, what?
Never but I've been wanting one for a few years and
-Why do you want an M1A over a more modern design?
not looking for an AR, not a fan of FAL or SCAR, parts are readily available where ar parts are near impossible to find right now

As a previous M1A owner, I'd like to help you with this decision.
What else would be a good option to look into?

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