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HELP!! Car sputtered then died.

Hi - I have a 2000 323i with 190k miles. It was running great last week, but is now sitting dead in front of my house and I'm driving a rental that I can't afford to keep doing. Here's the timeline of incidents...

Low fuel light came on and I filled her up with about 10 miles to go. Got home with no problems then tried to start her again later that evening and she started but then sputtered out after a few seconds. Tried several more times and run-time got shorter and shorter until she wouldn't run at all. Immediately thought fuel pump, but tried again next day by keeping gas pedal to floor and letting it crank for 5-10 seconds. Revved up and ran smoothly for about 200 miles, starting and stopping the engine along the way. Finally, the SES light came on but she still seemed to be running fine and started up every time the engine was turned off.

After about the 4th time it was the same situation as before...ran for a few seconds at a very low RPM then died, etc. After letting it sit for a bit, I tried again with the pedal to the floor and cranking for a few seconds. Started up again so I hit the road in hopes of making it home and avoiding getting towed. Ran fine for about 30-40 miles then suddenly stopped responding to the gas pedal. The engine would rev up but the car wouldn't go any faster. If I floored it, the car would buck so I knew she didn't like that! After a couple miles of this, she just tuckered out and died again...on a country road, of course! I had her towed home and am obviously hoping this won't be a major repair, but I just need her to run again. Soon!!

Any insight/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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