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Originally Posted by evolved View Post
Couldn't agree more with the poaching practices. It would be much less deplorable if they use the rest of the shark, but they slice the fins off and toss them back in the water to die. Totally fvcked up.
Going back to Mr. Rolleyes up top...do you know why they toss the rest of it back? Because the meat tastes like crap, and no one would pay for it. You'd think that with the poverty in China they can use to meat to feed the needy, but they don't even do that. It's worthless. You can buy a shark steak in the supermarkets in the US (not all, but many carry it)...if you come across it, pick one up just to try it. Its like swordfish (which is a pretty crappy fish IMHO) but drier and tougher...without any flavor to boot. It's just "protein."

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