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Originally Posted by terzinator View Post
Cool stuff. How much weight were you able to lose?

I don't know that I'd do a stereo project to eliminate weight. I think if I laid off pizza and beer for a while, I could shed 25 lbs.
Well, the stereo isn't the only place I'm making my car lighter, it's a comprehensive effort across the board. Also working on myself, but for wedding pics and to make the car lighter

Total project loss was ~17 lbs, ~12 of which was due to the stereo reduction.

There's very few huge weight loss points on this car, particularly if you're not willing to give up civility (I'm not). Little projects like this don't seem like a lot alone, but do several of them and suddenly you've made a significant difference.

Currently my goal is to get the car to <36 weight with greater than e9X (M3) power (NA).

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