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Originally Posted by VMRWheels View Post
The offset determines how far in or out the wheel will sit on your car, with respect to the width. So for your car, the acceptable front offsets range from ET35 to ET40 with no rubbing issues on an 8.5" wide wheel. The only difference is that the ET35 will stick out 5mm further in comparison to the ET40. A 235/40/18 will work perfectly fine on our VB3s up front, and a 265/35/18 on the rear of your coupe. The difference between a 225 and 235, or a 255 and 265 is the tread width and the height of the tire. Again, both 225/235 and 255/265 widths are acceptable on your car. We recommend wheel and tire fitments based on your car at stock height, and we try and go as aggressive as possible without causing any rubbing issues. If you've lowered the car we can't guarantee a rub free fit, so if you're worried about that you could always go to a 225/255 combo instead, which will give you a bit more clearance than a 235/265 will.

Hope that clears things up a bit.
VMR guys or any other expert,

I've got a 2002 330Ci coupe with the sport package and optional 18" style 72s, and factory-sized 225/40R18 (8" rim width) on the front and 255/35R18 (8.5" rim width). No suspension mods. I'm looking at a set of replacement tires (Michelin Primacy MXM4) that don't come in 225/40R18 (other than run-flat), so I want to mount 235/40R18s up front. Will I have any rubbing problems? Also, will the 10mm extra tire width make the tire look "mushroomed" between the bottom of the wheel and the pavement? The old 225s are flush with the face of the wheel now. The 235s will be 25.4" in diameter, whereas the 225s are 25.1". Will this tiny difference be noticeable when looking at the car from the side? Also, does changing the diameter of the front tires affect the speedometer reading, or is that only affected by rear tire diameter? Lots of questions, I know, but I appreciate any informed answers you can give.

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