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Hey smooth1,
I replaced some parts on my car (some needed to be done, and others didn't). It definitely helped in terms of once the vehicle is warm it idles better and doesn't bog down when I go to accelerate. I am also seeing improved gas mileage. However, I still have a SES light and it's rough on startup. Cylinders misfiring, etc. I have another thread in the xi section of this forum. Because that's what I have and was able to get some suggestions from those guys.
I am wondering if you think it would be worth me purchasing the software at this point and recording a startup, or at idle. Would something like that be able to help determine where/if I had a vacuum leak or something else going on? Or should I head to the parts store, grab a compression test kit and start pulling plugs?
Thanks for all your help thus far. Anxious to hear back!
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