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Originally Posted by terzinator View Post
In your original post, you mention that one should get an alignment after doing the RTABs... but what about for other bits?

Do you recommend getting an alignment after doing the CONTROL ARM BUSHINGS only?

After replacing struts/springs?

After ANY suspension adjustments/replacements?

(Could get expensive unless you do everything at once, but just curious as to the consensus on this.)
CABs=yes. Camber can change and as a result, toe could be affected.


Struts=likely not affected but by removing the strut body, you can possibly change the camber slightly.

Springs=yes especially if different height.

Do as many components as you can together at one time. your car may/may not feel fine after getting the above components done, but unless you get it on a rack, you'll never know for sure. your tires will tell you though after some time
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