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Originally Posted by Saad @ Saad Racing View Post
Is it that easy? A year ago, before we started working on M3's, the quickest time was 11 seconds. The Saad Racing/ProEfi M3 went down the track less then 10 times and ran 10.5. There was a lot of claimed "1000hp" cars, where was your "proper traction" then?

Also, its a lot harder to fake a quarter mile then it is to fake a 60-130 and a dyno. That is why we should all expect to see videos and proper proof.

I like when people give there opinions on a forum. I know how this will turn out and what the opinions will look like when it does

To fake a 60-130 on a vbox or pbox is impossible.

Out of 4 M3s of mine I have worked on 2 of them.

E36 M3 TT has 4.49 s and
E46 M3 TT has 4.23 s

both cars have similar setups and similar weights.

My 60-130 video is also on forums.

Someone WHO has found a fake way of doing fast 60-130 times would not spend 100.000 + USD on a new all Wheel drive Project. That cheater would just tweak the vbox instead of working on his M3 (sedan).

I thought you wanted peace, is this how you want peace by blaming fake 60-130 times.
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