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Originally Posted by imolazhp_ci View Post
yes. straight up yes, it is wrong. statistics are a reflection of a group, not an individual and even if an individual belongs to the group in question, it's wrong to base assumptions about he/she on their complete lack of choice in being a part of that group. you can say "most nazis are assholes." being a nazi is a choice. you can't say "this kid is 38% more likely to rob me than the other kids." your hypothetical is entirely wrong.
You are being serious?

I posted on my fb about how I was listening to "regulate" by warren g while driving to long beach
That's where I was last night
The song is about warren g getting held up for his money in long beach
"They taking warren's wealth"
When nate dogg comes to the rescue
And then they go find big bootied women to please them

Some kid on the street makes a comment out loud that kinda makes sense but is still weird as hell
I jokingly posted about getting jacked because I was in long beach ... "regulate"

Do I have to show you pictures of myself with my black friends to show how I am not a racist? Lol
But only racists do that, right?
I can't believe you want to turn that little post into a racial thing


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