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My 328i did that 2 months ago. It has done 230k KMs. The problem was when idling for 3 minutes or more, it went very low until 500rpm, then it bounced back and keep on doing this annoying thing.

Acceleration was sometimes slow(crawling actually), not always. Sometimes CEL light came on with the DSC(or ASC I can't remember) light. If they come, they come together that it seems like they are friends.

I did the followings(none of the followings have replaced/done in its life except the plugs):
- replace spark plugs and all six coils (found that not the source of problem)
- clean MAF, replace DISA and upper intake elbow (better but symptom still there, the evil friends still come back occasionally)
- check the CCV hoses ok
- replace lower intake elbow(it does not have crack), clean ICV, throttle body, replace throttle cable(328i still has the metal wire), - problem gone, the evil friends does not come back so far.

When I took out the ICV, it was so dirty that I put it back in and let my garage to do it altogether for ICV, TB cleaning and replace the throttle cable.

I don't know what he did but the throttle feels lighter. Could not be happier. drive like it was new.

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