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Originally Posted by peytonracer4 View Post
do you hold your e30 on a higher stand than your e46? i love my e30 but i'm much more comfortable in my e46 and recognize that my e46 has MUCH higher quality parts and especially, interior. i would rather take a 1000 mile trip in my e46. where as i'd much rather drive an off ramp, or go around town in my e30. you do have to consider that my e30 is kinda unbearable as far as comfort though. lol. the GC coils are stiff.

so i showed my GF today, a picture of LSB m3. she says she doesn't like that color on a car. i jokingly freaked out but that's one of my favorite cars. color and all. oh well
My e30 is just a fun car, when it comes to performance and handling my e46 would be on top,and your GF does not know sh1t about cars, I'd look for another... Unless she's extremely good looking and in order to agree I'd have to see a pic of her...
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