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I think its about time China take the responsible role and rein in their spoiled brat that is NK that they've been coddling so as to have a wild card in their hand for own strategic purposes. Seems that wild card is simply getting too wild and chaotic and is likely to be causing more problems than not for China itself. I'm getting the sense that China is quickly tiring of NKs childish and dangerous antics though perhaps aren't quite sure just how to rein it in.

NK's starting to put everyone in a bind. The US/SK on one hand don't want a military skirmish that has the potential to escalate quickly, yet on the other, they can't be seen as to be acquiescing and thus condoning and encouraging NKs brinksmanship. So does the US/SK fly another B-52 over their own airspace, which they have every right to do? Or do they not and essentially back down in the face of NK's threats. And to whatever they do and NOT escalate things further.
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