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Originally Posted by delirium45 View Post
anyone have any experience with Mod Bargains/NRG cf hoods ?
i need a vented hood for my M3 and was looking at this one as it is pretty inexpensive (when compared to the vorstiener one): http://www.modbargains.com/Carbon-Fi...od-BMW-E46.htm
fit doesn't need to be perfect as this is a race car, but it shouldn't be godawful for that price either.

check out this thread that I had going a little while ago


It seems like Flossman makes the lightest and highest quality ones, but they're very expensive. I have been told that basically anything sold by a dealer is made and china and of extremely questionable quality. If you're open minded about buying used, Vorsteiner is always pretty good. the ones that I've seen dont fit exactly perfect along the fender, but maybe it was an alignment issue. They're not very light but at least they wont break.

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