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Originally Posted by 217Bimmer View Post
odds are they are having a really tough time financially if they have treated people right and now are acting kinda shady. they are probably in a panic mode trying to cut losses.

what kind of business is it? chicago is fvcking huge. commute for now, but start looking for work downtown.
It's in the IT related industry. I'd like to find something south of Chicago where I live.

Originally Posted by Fergo_the_mule View Post
Would you be opposed to leaving? Sounds like you're being jerked around. Search around for other opportunities closer to home
Not opposed to leaving at all. It's a cush job but I hate the industry I'm involved in. I'm more of a blue collar worker. I did fire inspections and service, then welding and machining at CAT before this. Friend got me a job when I couldn't find work.

Originally Posted by casino is no lie View Post
What line of work?
What town is the HQ located?
Have you started looking for a new job?
It's a support roll/ operations for an IT company.

Company is in the NW suburbs. I live in Mokena. Only train by me goes downtown, then a mile walk to the next train which has screwy times so it's either I'm super early or super late. Same deal coming home. The owners brother in law is also my boss, I get thrown under the bus to cover him alot. Family car is like a plague in this place.

Haven't started looking yet. Just found out last Monday and have been trying to come to an agreement with them on working something out. Just trying to weigh job security and pay vs quality of life. I do miss working with my hands. Always felt more accomplished back then.
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