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Originally Posted by RossGuy View Post
So I was recently told that our downtown office is closing and I have to go back to our "headquarters" from now on. Thing is, I've only been down here a month and a half and just moved knowing that I was coming to this office. They wanted me down here and with no warning they pretty much stabbed me in the back. How you ask? Now I have to either drive 50+ miles one way or take 2 trains to work adding up to almost 5hrs of travel a day. My travel expenses are either doubling with the train or if I drive it'll go from $160 a month for a train pass, to over $140 a week just in gas.

I'm not sure what to do at this point and I've exhausted all my efforts to work something out with the owner and my manager. I didn't hear a word about the office closing until I got down here. I was also told that the owner promised to keep it open for another year and try to make it work with a new manager. This is a huge stab in the back as they won't let me work from home at all, pay for me to break my lease, or help with travel expenses. I wouldn't make a huge deal about it, but I just moved and will have to deal with this sh!t until next Feb. My employer for the most part helps it's employees and does alot for them. Now with this, it's like they dgaf about who they're screwing over with this.

I've contemplating just sucking it up and dealing with it and moving again next year. At the same time I'm sick of having a desk job and the whole work enviorment. I like the area I just moved to and don't want to have to pack up and moved because of my job. I don't know if I should deal with it or find something else closer to me. At my current salary and the amount I'd have to travel I'd consider taking smaller pay to raise the quality of life.

Thoughts E46er's?
Shitty situation but don't take it personally. Companies need to do what's best for the organization as a whole. They didn't make the change they did to upset you and your commute. Keep in mind you are very lucky to keep the job and that the strategic move may have kept you and others in roles.

That said, deal with the commute for a bit. See how it feels and explore other opportunities. Best time to look is while you are employed.
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