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Originally Posted by DieselMinded View Post
Hello all new member here with a few questions your help is greatly appreciated. Welcome aboard!

1. when on auto my heater blower motor flutters works fine just acts like when auto it runs sporadic. You need a new final stage resistor. Search the DIY forum for part numbers and DIY install instructions with pictures.

2. Car has 140,000 miles on it i bought a new clutch 3 mths ago when i got the car but haven't installed it because clutch doesn't seen to be getting worst do the clutches on these cars just engage really late like 1 inch from atw out? The clutch engagement is towards the top of the pedal travel. That's just the way it is. You'll be able to tell if your clutch is going when it starts slipping when it's supposed to be engaged.

3. Already replaced control arms/ball joints/ca bushings what else is going to gi wrong? Cooling system? Vanos? If the cooling system hasn't been done yet, make that your first priority. Expansion tank, thermostat, and water pump for sure. Radiator hoses if they aren't good. Mine were fine when I replaced my system so I left them in. VANOS doesn't really fail, it just gets laggy.

4. I buy only oem and only from ecs current parts on there way. Thermostat kit, valve cover gasket kit. Any tips on install? IMO, ECS is super expensive. Try or Both of those are super easy, you shouldn't have any troubles.

5. Car is crap on snow and ice Dsc has to be off or car de-powers itself when loosing traction will kill the motor on steep hill if loosing traction You likely have shitty tires. The car is a beast in the snow and ice with the right tires.

6. I live in a geographic oddity i drive up a cliff everyday i own a h3 as well but need this car to be a beast can i put like buckshot mudders on it in the winter? Not trolling just over exaggerating a wee bit . Get snow tires, mine is unstoppable in deep snow with snow tires. In MN, we get deep snow.

7. I need another set if rims to run my winter tires on what bmw oem rims will fit my car? Whats a good price rims only? You will need 17in or larger rims to fit over the brakes and any E46 rim except for rear M3 rims will fit on your car no problem. 5 series rims won't fit due to offset issues.

8. My tire pressure light is on i live over 100 miles from a bmw dealer and since im going to be running 2 sets of rims i just want the yellow light off whats the redneck way to kill the light? Have all the sensors put in your spare tire and make sure it's at the right pressure.

9. I have no aux on my head unit how can i use my iphone for music in car? You can install the aux in your head unit for ~$30 and 30mins of your time. The dealer and many online shops sell the OEM kit to do this.

10. I have yellowish gunk under oil fill cap whats that from? You have water condensation in your oil. If you live in a cold environment, this is normal. Give your car a long (hour plus) drive and it should go away. Other thing to do is drive your car to full temp, park it, and leave the fill cap off to let the water evaporate. Don't forget to put it back on before driving again.

The reason im doing the vcg is when i go up the cliff there is an awful smell i think oil is coming out of vcg on rear of engine You got it.
Welcome to the circus that is E46F! See above and don't take it too personally if/when you get flamed. If you can take it, you can dish it.
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