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Originally Posted by vinnybones View Post
Its so ****ed up, Call me naive but I used to think the only fake watches were Rolex and sold in NYC. Come to find out they are making watches that you cant even tell are fake by looking at them let alone having the same movements as the real thing. It makes me scared to even purchase anything after my last mishap. Getting beat on a 8Ball is only 150-160$ getting beat on a watch is 1-15000$. Its riskier for somebody like me who just is getting into watches to buy one rather then go to the hood and score some drugs.
When there is money to be made, they will counterfeit anything...from art, to baseball cards, to autographs, to watches, to diamonds, etc. You watch Pawn Stars don't you? Don't be scared, be informed. Take a note from your research, study the watch you want, so when you know everything there is to know about them, you will make an informed buying decision and not get fleeced. What happened to you is a one in a billion chance. I wouldn't even look at the watch if I was buying from Tourneau.

Now to blow your mind....check these out....(all fake.)

Crazy huh?

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