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Originally Posted by FamilyTruckster View Post
Whammy, I would highly recommend Eibach Sportline spings with Koni Yellow adjustables (I think they are on sale right now too). I have had that setup on my '05 ZHP for about 30k miles and love it. Rides just a tiny bit stiffer than a stock ZHP, while lowering it the perfect amount. We've spoken before when you were buying your ZHP, I'm local to you and if you haven't done your suspension yet you are welcome to go for a ride/drive in my ZHP to see what you think of the setup. I should have my car out of winter storage anytime now.
Yeah, that would be great!

Originally Posted by ///BeckeR View Post
I have the same setup and I agree, I love it! However, the Sportlines are pretty low, and the rake is pretty significant. I removed my rear spring pads to even out the height and the stance is perfect now.

I would recommend going with the Eibach Pro Kit instead of the Sportlines if you're not going for an aggressive drop! You can't go wrong with the Koni Yellows either. Awesome shocks.
Thank you both for your input. This is what I was thinking of at the moment. It still could change as I have not bought anything yet.

H&R + Bilstein Sport Kit
E46 Mount Kit (Front/Rear Shock Mounts, Reinforcement Plates, Pads)
Meyle HD Rear Diff Bushings w/ bolts
Meyle HD RTABs
RTAB Limiters
Tie Rods (maybe; not sure)
Swaybar bushings
Subframe Bushings

Almost all of this comes from Turner. At this point, it is about $1400. I cannot justify OEM because just the springs/shocks/struts alone is the same price without anything else.


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