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Originally Posted by DieselMinded View Post
Thanks a ton!

I have a t-stat kit in route do i really need to replace the waterpump and tank premeditated what if its already been changed. Im replacing the tstat because 1 time last year i got a coolant temp not controlling code. Read the horror stories on here and make your decision. I would for sure do the water pump as that's something every car will require to be replaced at ~110k miles. The cooling system is the weakest component in the car, take good care of it.

So any e46 rims will work on my car great! Right, except for rear M3 wheels. Those don't work.

I use ecs i like there support and website and they are on ohio so thats a huge plus.

I do have a brand new oem clutch from ecs sitting here may swap it out and see if its any better current clutch doesnt slip but if your stopped on a hill and someone pulls right up behind you , you damn near have to smoke it to keep from going backwards Look up the clutch delay valve and how to either remove it, replace it with a better one, or drill it out. The clutch in these cars is much less "violent" in engagement than many other cars.

I did get a tube of the oil proof rtv for the vcg install. Got the spark plugs too as it looks like ill be right there when changing the vcg

Local tire shops are unable to read my tire press sensors they say bmw havent released the coding yet so ill have to go to a dealer and get 8 sensors and have them mated to my system ..... Not happening need cost effective way to bypass i know when i have a flat tire dont need the car telling me Find a new shop. Your car is almost 10 years old and they don't have the codes for it? Unacceptable. Other option is to get the car uncoded for the TPMS so it just ignores the signal completely.

How so i know if mu car was originally equipped with run flats? Does that effect my 2nd set of rims? It wasn't equipped with run flats. Only the M3's were equipped with run flats. You can check if you have a spare tire, that's the best way to see if you have them or not. Won't affect your 2nd or even 1st set of rims, just get normal tires and a AAA membership.

See above.

Originally Posted by DieselMinded View Post
I need 17" rims eh

I do think i have the sport package with steering wheel is that why i have larger brakes ?

Are 16" rims common?
You have larger brakes because you have a 330. They all have larger brakes and require 17in or larger wheels regardless of sport package. FYI, the sport package on the Xi is only steering wheel and seats, the suspension is identical to non-sport cars.
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