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True-True on cup-holders/minivans. I like how the Germans, if you press the auto-up on a window don't have a kill feature if an object/hand gets in the way..sort of an..."let the idiot american break his wrist, then they will have no need for a cup holder!!!!!!"

Audi has all of 72 miles on it, but that electronically controlled speed sensitive steering or whatever it is called is gonna take awhile to get used to...as is all the technology junk. I don't have ADD, yet after 1.5+ hours of "that does this, but this does that, and you can do this & that with this only if you have that"...they got to the "smart key" dissertation & I was like "okay, i've had it...if I jam the key up an orifice...by accident OF COURSE..the start button won't work...I get it...I want to go home"....the salesperson was halfway out the door, and saying something like "...well if the key is actually on your body...or I guess in your body...the smart key technology will still...." I started to drive off before hearing what it would still do.
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