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So I cleaned my maf, idle control valve and the car ran fine for a week. Then today after work I go to turn my car on and it died again. I hear the fuel pump priming so im pretty sure its not the fuel pump. Todays experience was alittle different from before. The car turned on and stayed on, idled fine but when I went to stomp the pedal to rev the engine up it died right away after reving to about 1200 from 800 idle. I turned the car back on and it stayed on, stayed idle at 800. I gently pressed the gas pedal and it slowly revs up but when I goes to about 1800 the revs goes up and down from 1800 to 1000. If I gently press the pedal to rev it past 2k and try to keep going up it will drop to 1k and act like its gonna stall, but if I let go of the throttle at that time the car will go back to idle and stay idled. No check engine light but my EML, and traction control lights came on when it died once .Any thoughts.
im thinking the problem might be my throttle positioning sensor (tps) would i need to change my whole throttle body for this?. But I would like some more input before I buy and tear out my intake manifold to get to the throttle body. Please give me your thoughts thanks

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